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Seoul National University, B.S. Fast growth "For Voronoi, it only takes 1.5 years to develop a new drug candidate." For Voronoi, it only takes 1.5 years to develop a new drug candidate while it usually takes 4.5 years in the industry average. The speed is exceptionally high. The reason for this high speed is because we, Voronoi, have many talents and professional experts who majored in molecular modeling, medicinal chemistry, and kinase inhibitor development. Each of them are Dr. Kim, Dr. Choi, and Dr. Gray. They all have previous experience of creating and developing novel small molecule drugs and out-licensing them to global leading pharmaceutical companies. I am proud that I can be also part of this team and the company, learning from them. There are much more to catch up. My job definitely requires fast learning speed. Collaboration "Effective partnership" Voronoi is collaborating with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Yonsei University Medical School, Korea Brain Research Institute, National Cancer Center, etc. We also have Dr. Janne of Harvard Medical School as our scientific advisory board for our lung cancer pipeline. We frequently have a discussion with our partners and advisors. Collaboration does not only apply to external partners, but also to internal teams. Voronoi pursue open-minded and respecting working culture and we aim to have effective discussion between teams and divisions. If you can lead effective meetings with bright energy, you will find yourself so fit into our culture. Work & Life balance "Flexible and Efficient" Voronoi pursues flexible and efficient working culture. You don’t need to sit on the chair only to show your presence. Suppose you have personal appointments and want to leave office early. You can always do so if you are done with your work. We give ownership and responsibility to each employee with huge trust. You can find flexible working culture here in Voronoi.

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