We discover and develop

small molecule kinase inhibitors.

  • Drug development personnel

    About 120 employees with expertise in Drug Development

  • R&D Laboratories

    Research Capability supported by in-house Bio Lab,  AI Lab, preclinical Animal Center

  • Kinase Full Profiling Database

    • Largest Kinase Full Profiling DB in Korea
    • Generating 550,000 experimental data annually

    • AI platform integrating molecular modeling and structural biology
    • Expedited development process (1~1.5 years in average compared to 4~4.5 years in Pharmaceutical Industry )

About 120 of our employees,

each specialized in Synthesis/Structural Biology, Biology, and AI/Molecular Modeling, etc,

have great expertise in kinase inhibitors

By owning an AI Lab, a synthesis Lab for compound design and synthesis

and a bio Lab, a preclinical Animal Center for in vitro/in vivo, PK and toxicity evaluation,

Voronoi are maximizing research and development efficiency.

Synthesizing 4,000 new compounds

and generating 500 new profiling data annually,

Voronoi has the largest Kinase Full Profiling DB in Korea

Our AI-based proprietary platform,

VORONOMICS®, is involved throughout the whole Drug Development process,

including drug design, in silico screening, and screening in wet lab.


  • 2015

    • Feb. Foundation of VORONOI
  • 2017

    • Sep. Digital Innovation Management Awards

    Minister Award, Ministry of Science and Technology

  • 2018

    • Mar. Equity investment in Harvard DFCI
  • 2019

    • Jan. Equity investment in Harvard DFCI
    • Jul.  Establishment of Preclinical Animal Center
  • 2020

    • Jul. Best Workplace Awards

    Korea Presidential Award

    • Oct. EGFR Exon20 Insertion Lung Cancer License-out

    ORIC Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ORIC)

    • Dec. Open Innovation on Targeted Protein Degrader

    JW Pharmaceutical Corporation

    • Dec. License-Out Awards

    Minister Award, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

  • 2021

    • Jan. RET fusion Lung Cancer License-out

    HK.InnoN (former CJ Healthcare)

    • Aug. DYRK1A program License-out

    Brickell Biotech (NASDAQ: BBI)

    • Nov. MPS1 program License-out

    Pyramid Biosciences

    • Nov. Awards ‘License-out, Accumulated 2 trillion won’

    Minister Award, Ministry of Health and Welfare