• Yonsei University, M.S.
  • Yonsei University, M.S.

About work

“I am Choi, Jieun from Immunology team.”

Q. What does your team do?

Everyday in biology lab is very dynamic. There are many things to check and prove about drug assets such as efficacy, safety, etc. In in vitro lab, we test efficacy of drug on the enzyme and cell level.

Q. What is your role?

I am in charge of testing efficacy of drugs and assets we have in pipeline with enzyme and cell test.

Pros & Cons of the work

“Huge responsibility in the process of new drug development”

Q. What do you find good about your work? Also what do you find demanding about your work?

In vitro test is the first step of a new compound becoming a potential drug. Through in vitro test, we screen compounds with high potential to become a good drug through enzyme and cell test. This is the very basic step, but at the same time the step with huge responsibility and impact.

This work can be interpreted as a simple labor of screening compounds. However, you will find this job meaningful as well through discussion and collaboration with other people in the company. I am having much fun and learning a lot of things about new drug development through my job.

Other comments

“Be confidence. Voronoi is waiting for you.”

Q. Any comment for applicants?

There are dozens to hundreds of new chemical compounds being screened and tested every day. It is important to be meticulous and observant. Also, it is important to getting used to the high speed of working in the lab and having a great skill of communication with people. If you satisfy these points, please don’t hesitate to apply to Voronoi.

Q. Final comment?

Voronoi pursues active and flexible working culture. We are having much fun and much learning working in Voronoi. See you soon!