• Worked at Mirae Asset PEF
  • Bachelor, Peking University

Park Junil / Head of Global Business(China and Emerging markets)

Before joining Voronoi, Mr. Park dedicated his career to Mirae Asset Private Equity Fund right after his graduation from Pecking University. Based on his 10 years of experience, he is contributing to Voronoi’s strategies for globalization and value creation.

“The lesson that I learned for the past 10 years in the capital market is that at the end of the day, the flow of capital never fails to converge to the business with most potential and exclusive value. I kept that in mind, which led me to Voronoi.
Korea is facing the threat of 4th industrial revolution, and the dramatic shift of the world’s trade war. Paradoxically, the country has always spotted opportunity and thrived at crises, in uncharted territories such as IT and the internet. Today’s Korean economy will find its solutions in healthcare, which will be backed up by the early market potential and emergence of the brightest minds. Korean VC industry’s investment in healthcare have grown 15 folds within a decade, and surpassed ICT, the core of the 4th industrial revolution in 2018. I believe this is not a coincidence.
Voronoi has professionals with the uppermost expertise, who enable it to develop candidates through molecular modeling quickly and efficiently, at relatively low cost. It has established an optimal platform for better success rates, with collaborative works with prestigious institutions such as Dana Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard Medical School.
From my past capital market experience in Mirae Asset PEF, I’ve witnessed Korean healthcare companies expand to overseas markets and close one of the biggest M&A deals with global players. Based on this experience, I will do my best to push Voronoi to become the “first mover” in the industry.”