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  • Yonsei University Health center
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“Hello, I am Donghyuk Seo, and I am in charge of getting IND package ready and done.”

Q. What do you do in translational research team?

‘Where the possibilities are transitioned to reality.’
If I may introduce translational research team in one sentence, I would like to say it’s a place
where the possibilities are transitioned to reality. For many, translational research team may be
unfamiliar. It’s a place that is in charge of preclinical research and production of synthetic drugs
excluding in vitro field. Our team is divided into DS and DP research parts, which produce
synthetic drugs on a large scale, and in vivo efficacy and toxicity research parts. I am in charge
of in vivo potency studies, toxicity studies, and clinical trials, which all leads to IND filing.
Many types of in vivo potency tests are conducted in animal laboratories within Voronoi.
However, there are some of the studies that needs to be done by CROs including immunological
disease model for determining the anti-inflammatory effects, or GLP Toxicology studies to
determine whether a drug is toxic. These studies are led by translational research team so that
the whole IND package is ready and done.

To applicants,

“Pay no mind to fear, be strong!”

Q. What are the requirements for your work?

There are a lot of requirements including scientific background. However, other than scientific
knowledge, you would need to have certain level of business communication skillsets as you will
work dynamically with overseas CROs.

Q. Any last advice?

The feeling that pops up on my mind when I think back of the time I was looking for a job is
“fear”, a doubt whether I can do it well or not. Don’t be afraid, be strong and bold with confidence
that you can achieve, then I assure you that you will end up with a very sweet and mysterious